Auckland-based performance artist and film-maker, Robyn Jordaan, works with dance and film to offer up a visceral array of concept exploration, including body somatics and absurdist theatre.


Jordaan is driven by contemporary literature; creating comedic-horror type unstructured narratives, contrasting starkly with our current regime - a technocratic society where human nature seamlessly follows a prescribed outline.


MAIRANGI ARTS CENTRE, Auckland (March/April 2018)

-“Pregnant Landscape of or” and “Alongside us”, a installation and film for “MurMur” a show with Brydee Rood.


LOT23, Auckland (December 2017)

“With what Silent Hand” Performance Piece part of SOCIO Curated/Produced by Amber Liberte


AUDIO FOUNDATION, Auckland (November 2017)

“With what Silent Hand” Performance piece part of PULSE/REPEAT, Diva Blair, Alexandra Larose, Willow McCarthy, Magdalena Hoult Curated by Priscilla Howe of Circuit.


PERFORMANCE ART WEEK AOTEAROA, Wellington (November 2017)

“Every Knot has Memory” a public performance piece at Island Bay Rotunda


IWT PROJECTSPACE, Auckland (2017)

“A trivial Pursuit” part of Connecting the Unconnected with Carolina Faigan; Jamie Cowie; Whitney Nicholls-Potts and Rohan Hartley Mills


MASONS SCREEN, Wellington (June-July 2017)

-”The Present Continuous” part of Being space with Melissa Irving, Sriwhana Spong



“The Present Continuous” part of Glaistor Ennor Art Awards


OFFSITE; BEDLAM, Auckland (2016, October)

-Sound and Movement with Daisy Wells


BLUE OYSTER GALLERY, Dunedin (2015, August)

-Performance and sculpture part of A Tragic Delusion with Thomas Richards (Wellington), Deanna Dowling (Wellington), and Cobi Taylor (Dunedin).



WHITE NIGHT, Auckland (2015, March)

-Two large childrens books made for Alternative Resource, a publication exhibition curated by Dan Sanders as part of the Auckland Arts Festival.



FRESH N FRUITY GALLERY, Dunedin (2014, Nov)

-Performance and sculpture showcase as part of AGITPROP with Dan Sanders.



FESTA FESTIVAL, Christchurch (2014, October)

-“Paying Homage” performance piece.


ARTSPACE, Auckland(2014, July/August)

-Performance showcase as part of  to and fro, with Hana Aoake.



ISON MAGAZINE, Auckland (2013, March-Dec)

-Web designer for a one year publication, collaborating with artist Bryn Roberts.



WHITE ELEPHANT EVENTS, Christchurch (2011-2012)

-Event photographer and volunteer organiser.